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A magazine for the security printing industry

Infosecura aims to engage, inform and inspire the global community that comes together, event after event, to share ideas and get business done at Intergraf Currency+Identity.

Published by Intergraf , Infosecura is edited by Manfred Goretzki. Manfred not only organised Intergraf's first-ever security printing event in Milan in 1976; he was also Assistant Director of the Brussels-based association until 1990.

What began as a newsletter over 20 years ago quickly developed into a quarterly magazine, spurred by the needs of an industry that sometimes moves surprisingly fast.

Infosecura is filled with security printing news. Technology and product developments in the fields of currency and identity documents are obviously among what you can expect to find in its pages. Along with fundamental issues that are impacting today's and tomorrow's industry. And the occasional opinion piece.

The mission of Infosecura is to deliver thought-provoking and entertaining coverage of the industry, to ensure the latest and most relevant information reaches you whatever your field of expertise.

Just like Intergraf Currency+Identity, Infosecura gives equal weight to currency and identity. Every issue carries content relevant to both sectors while placing emphasis on one or the other.

Submissions by industry leaders and/or companies that have made significant technological advances are always welcome.

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Every quarter, over 4000 digital subscribers receive our Infosecura newsletters - all security printing professionals, including representatives from central banks, governments and law enforcement.

About 1000 of them get a hard copy in the post.

And our website provides everybody else in the industry with access to the latest issue shortly after publication.

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New to Infosecura?

20 years of InfosecuraTake a peek at out 20th anniversary issue!

Read our interview with Manfred Goretzki, the man behind Infosecura since day one, as he shares its origins.

And find out about the many changes Manfred has seen over the years, and about what he thinks lies on the horizon for our industry globally.


Infosecura 89 - A look at the stories behind the developments

The most important feature of this Infosecura issue is the confirmation that Intergraf has decided to hold the next Intergraf Currency+Identity, scheduled in Lyon, France on 6-8 April 2022, as a physical conference. It is a decision backed by lots of confidence and by an even greater amount of hope. Hope that the COVID 19 pandemic will have been overcome in sufficiently many countries to enable our usual gathering of currency and identity experts.

Having made this decision, we introduce you to the programme and to Lyon itself, a city which combines a long history with a vibrant present, recognised everywhere as a place for living well and enjoyably - witness the number of exceptional restaurants, etc.

We also look at the background of the developments in the two branches of our industry. In currency, at the banknote paradox and CBDC, to give just two examples. In the identity field, as promised in the last issue, we have a conversation with a highly respected identity expert at the European Commission. The result is a look ‘what's next in ID documents’.

And we also take a peek at the new European Digital Identity Wallet, as well as what is happening at Frontex, the EU border agency which in the foreseeable future will attract much attention due to the expected influx of immigrants following recent political developments.


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