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2013 Vienna, Austria

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Vienna facts & figures
  • 920 participants from central banks, ministries, police forces, security printers and suppliers
  • 60 countries
  • 100 exhibiting companies


Taking stock of the industry

Intergraf’s Security Printers, International Conference & Exhibition aims to regularly take stock of the situation in the security printing industry. Banknotes and security documents are both high-technology sectors where developments can be rapid. Institutional end users such as central banks, passport and ID card issuers, and national and international law enforcement agencies need to know what is new and what colleagues in other countries have experienced.

The event’s new format, whereby a joint session for banknote and passport issuers is followed by separate sessions for each field in both the High Security Printers Meeting and Security Printers, offers all participants maximal exposure to topics of relevance to their area of expertise, and was again well received in Vienna.

The exhibition also continues to be a very strong draw for over 100 institutional end users eager to see first-hand what the industry has to offer.

The next conference, which will take place in Copenhagen on 22-24 April 2015, promises to provide further up-to-date, highly topical information, as well as ample networking opportunities.


Manfred Goretzki
Editor, Infosecura



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