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Famous for its gastronomy, silk weaving tradition and as the birthplace of cinema, Lyon is France's third largest city and a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.

Want to see what two millenia of history look like? Just climb the slopes of the Fourvière hill that dominates the city to the west: from what was the ancient Roman forum, founded when Lyon was still known as Lugdunum in 43 B.C., the city grew along the banks of the Saône River and onto the Presqu'île. By the 18th century, it was already expanding east beyond the Rhône River.

Below these Vieux Lyon rooftops is France's best preserved Renaissance district, as well as its banking capital. Beyond them, at the confluence of the two rivers, is a thriving tech industry that is home to France's second largest start-up ecosystem.

What to do

Guggenheim Museum

The traboules - a vast network of passageways that weave through Lyon's old quarters, connecting streets through buildings and courtyards.

Hidden, these covered shortcuts once sheltered from the rain silk workers carrying their wares to market at the foot of the Croix-Rousse hill. During the Second World War, they helped Resistance members evade surveillance from the Gestapo.

There are as many as 500 traboules in town, mainly in the Vieux Lyon, the Croix-Rousse and the Presqu’île districts.

Some 80 are open to the public. In Vieux Lyon, they are marked by a bronze shield. In the Croix-Rousse, look for a lion's head. Or just download the Traboules App for additional clues!

Rue de la Bombarde (Maison des Avocats)
14 rue du Boeuf
16 rue du Bœuf (Maison du Crible)
27 rue Saint-Jean-> 6 rue des Trois-Maries
54 rue Saint-Jean -> 27 rue du Boeuf (longest traboule)
37 rue Saint-Jean (Maison du Chamarier)
40 rue Saint-Jean -> 5 place Neuve Saint-Jean
2 place du Gouvernement -> 10 quai Romain Rolland
8 rue Juiverie
10-12 rue Saint-Georges

Journey planner
Bilbao Art District

It's a steep climb up the 798 steps of the famous Montée des Carmes Déchaussés to the iconic white Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière that stands atop the Fourvière hill.

But the views are worth the effort (and the Fourvière funicular provides quick access if that's easier.)

The grounds of this unusual basilica, a 19th-century mix of architectual styles locals sometimes refer to as the 'upside-down elephant', have impressive panoramic views of the city.

On a clear day, you might even catch a glimpse of Mont-Blanc beyond the Saône and Rhône Rivers.

8 place de Fourvière
Lyon 69005

Notre-Dame de Fourvière
Journey planner
Gates: 07:00-22:30
Basilica: 07:00-19:00
Gardens: 07:00-21:30
Discrovery Visit (30 min.) - Free
Guided Rooftop Tour (90 min.) - 10€
Casco Viejo

Right in front of the Centre de Congrès de Lyon, just across the road, lies Lyon's largest green space: the Parc de la Tête d’Or.

This huge park, which covers 105 hectares of land, comes complete with a lake where you can take a boat ride, France's largest botanical garden and tropical greenhouse, a world-renowned rose garden with some 5,000,000 roses, and an enormous zoo with giraffes, lions and zebras. All free!

A firm favourite among locals and visitors alike, it's the ideal place for a morning jog and a perfect retreat after a day of networking.

Parc de la Tête d'Or
69006 Lyon

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Monday-Sunday 06:30-20:30
Bilbao Cathedral

The futuristic steel-and-glass architecture of this monumental museum of knowledge rises from the tip of a peninsula where the Rhône and Saône Rivers converge.

A big event in Lyon's cityscape when it finally opened after years of debate and construction in 2014, it is an unmissable sight.

Its staggering collection of over 2.2 million objects, divided in four sections devoted to the earth, life, social sciences, and science and technology, shines new light on the story of mankind.

86 quai Perrache
69002 Lyon
+33 4 28 38 12 12

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Tuesday-Sunday 10:30-18:30
6€ (5€ from 17:00)
Free with Lyon City Card
Azkuna Zentroa

Fifty years after this printing museum was founded in 1964, its 15th-century premises, which forms part of Lyon's famous traboules, were completely refurbished and its permanent collections reorganised to account for the changes in the graphic world and industries.

From Gutenberg's 42-line Bible to modern-day artefacts like record sleeves, six centuries of graphic production document the formidable rise and evolution of the printed matter, making it one of Europe's leading museums in the field.

13 rue de la Poulaillerie
69002 Lyon
+33 4 78 37 65 98

Journey planner
Wednesday-Sunday 10:30-18:00
6-8€ (during exhibitions)
Free with Lyon City Card
Musée des Beaux-Arts

Housed in a 17th-century former Benedictine abbey, Lyon's Musée des Beaux-Arts holds France's second largest fine art collection after the Louvre.

It offers a panoramic overview of the great civilisations from the land of the pharaohs onwards and of the grand moments of Western modern art, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The garden, once restricted to nuns, is a oasis of calm at the heart of a bustling city, with its selection of marble and bronze sculptures.

20 place des Terreaux
69001 Lyon
+33 4 72 10 17 40

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Wednesday-Monday 10:00-18:00
Friday 10:30-18:00
Collections: 8-4€/Free with Lyon City Card
Exhibition: 7-12€/Free with Lyon City Card
Where to eat

Lyon was named the capital of gastronomy by the famous critic Maurice Edmond Sailland in 1934. Michelin-starred chefs like Paul Bocuse have since firmly planted it on the gourmet world map. For many, the city embodies a typical French ‘art de vivre’.

So many local specialities to trigger your taste buds! Here's a selection of restaurants, bouchons, and bistrots to give it a try.

Barakaldo (near BEC)

Plaza Landaburu, 2
48902 Barakaldo
+34 94 406 23 43
0.5 km from BEC
8-min. walk

Elkano, 27
48902 Barakaldo
+34 94 474 14 86
+34 94 474 14 86
0.3 km from BEC
4-min. walk)

C/Encartaciones 16
48901 Barakaldo
+34 946 83 54 97
0.4 km from BEC
6-min. walk

Bilbao City Centre

15 rue Claudia
69002 Lyon
+33 4 78 03 33 53
12:00-14:00 & 19:30-21:30
3.0 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
10-min. taxi ride (38-min. walk)

50 boulevard des Brotteaux
69006 Lyon
Monday-Wednesday lunch
Thursday-Friday lunch & dinner
+33 4 78 52 52 61
2.6 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
10-min. taxi ride (32-min. walk)

12 rue Royale
69001 Lyon
+33 4 78 23 17 20
12:00-13:15 & 19:45-21:00
2.4 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
8-min. taxi ride (30-min. walk)

42 rue Sala
69002 Lyon
+33 4 78 37 13 00
12:00-15:00 & 20:00-23:00
4.4 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
12-min. taxi ride (56-min. walk)

4 place des Terreaux
69001 Lyon
+33 4 78 28 19 59
2.9 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
8-min/taxi ride (36-min.walk)

20 place Bellecour
69002 Lyon
+33 4 28 31 70 84
lunch & dinner
4.2 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
13-min. taxi ride (53-min. walk)

56 rue de Tramassac
69005 Lyon
+33 7 67 62 05 65
4.2 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
19-min. taxi ride (54-min. walk)

29 rue du Boeuf
69001 Lyon
+33 4 72 40 91 47
Friday: 12:00-13:00
Tuesday-Saturday: 19:30-21:00
5.2 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
17-min taxi ride (49-min.walk)

Au temps Perdu
2 Rue des Fantasques
69001 Lyon
+33 4 78 39 23 04
Monay-Tuesday &Thursday-Friday-19:00-24:00
Saturday-Sunday 19:00-02:00
+33 4 78 39 23 04
2.3 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
10-min. taxi ride (29-min. walk)

Where to drink

In a city that's within easy access of the north and south Côtes du Rhône, Burgundy and Beaujolais, you're arguably never far from a good gass of wine. There's certainly no shortage of places to go out. Relax and network over a post-conference drink in one of these.

7 rue Terme
69001 Lyon
+33 4 78 69 36 57
4.3 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
14-min. taxi ride (37-min. walk)

129 rue Servient
69003 Lyon
+33 78 63 55 46
3.9 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
11-min. taxi ride (43-min. walk)

20 quai Gailleton
69002 Lyon
(8th floor Sofitel Lyon Bellecour Hotel)
+33 4 72 41 20 20
4.5 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
10-min. taxi ride (53-min. walk)

6 rue du Bœuf
69005 Lyon
+33 4 72 77 44 44
4.7 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
14-min. taxi ride (48-min. walk)

8 rue Professeur Pierre Marion
69005 Lyon
+33 4 78 16 01 01
9.6 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
15-min. taxi ride (

1 place de la Comédie
69001 Lyon
(elevator from the peristyle of the Opéra de Lyon)
3 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
8-min. taxi ride (34-min. walk)

Esplanade de la Gare
60002 Lyon
+33 4 72 77 15 00
6.1 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
14-minute taxi ride (1-hour walk)

20 quai Jules Courmont
69002 Lyon
+33 4 26 99 23 20
4.2 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
10-min. taxi ride (47-min. walk)

22 rue Professeur Weill
69006 Lyon
+33 4 78 41 15 85
3.4 km from Centre de Congrès de Lyon
9-min. taxi ride (30-min. walk)

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