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Surrounded by the Cantabrian mountains, Bilbao is the the capital of the Vizcaya province in the autonomous Basque Country, northern Spain, and its economic and financial hub.

Well-connected, it is ideally situated on the European Atlantic axis, and easily reached by air, train, land and sea. A shuttle service directly links the airport to the historic centre, where an efficient public transport system can take you to any part of the city cheaply and quickly.

By air

Bilbao Airport lies just over 10km from Bilbao's city centre.

It is served by 18 airlines offering flights to 34 destinations, including direct connections to many European capitals and Spain's main cities.

Once you have landed, the city centre and Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) are within easy reach by bus or taxi.


The A3247 (Bilbao-Aeropuerto) Bizkaibus service takes you straight to the city in barely 20 minutes.

The green bus, which can be found outside the terminal to the right, makes four stops in the centre: Alameda Recalde 11, Moyua plaza, Gran Vía 79, and Bilbao Intermodal.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver (have small change ready).

Bilbao Airport -> Bilbao
06:00-08:00 (every 30 min.)
08:00-00:00 (every 20 min.)

Bilbao -> Bilbao Airport
05:00-20:00 (every 20 min.)
20:00-22:00 (every 30 min.)

One-way: 3€ (1.14 with Barik card)

Taxis are available outside Bilbao Airport's Arrivals .

They can be booked in advance, online or by phone.

And they can be hailed on the street when their green light is on.

Check they accept credit cards before starting your journey.

Bilbao Airport <-> Bilbao Centre

Taxis Aeropuerto Bilbao
+34 944 80 09 09
Radio Taxi Bilbao
+34 94 444 88 88
By train

Renfe high-speed trains connect Bilbao to Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Salamanca, Malaga, and other big Spanish cities.

Abando, right in the heart of Bilbao, is the station where these long-distance and commuter services all converge.

This includes trams, metro Line 1, and metro Line 2, which takes you straight to the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC).

San Sebastián -> Bilbao: 4:30 hours
Madrid -> Bilbao: 4:30 hours
Barcelona -> Bilbao: 7 hours
Valladolid -> Bilbao: 3 hours
Zaragoza -> Bilbao: 4:30 hours

Abando -> BEC: 10-min. taxi ride/22 min. by metro

By car

With an excellent network of motorways stretching north-south as well as east-west, driving to Bilbao from continental Europe is a good option.

Parking in the city can be a challenge. It is best to leave your vehicle in one of the many car parks. Or to use a Park and Ride facility located next to the Leioa, Etxebarri, Ibarbengoa and Ansio stations.

The Ansio car park is managed by the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC).

San Sebastián -> Bilbao: 1:10 hours
Paris -> Bilbao: 8 hours
Madrid -> Bilbao: 4 hours
Barcelona -> Bilbao: 6 hours

Ansio car park (BEC): 4000 spaces
3 levels, with 3 entrances and 3 exits: A, B, C
Most convenient access to BEC: entrance C, level -1 (blue area)

Automated payment machines on level 1 and in the atrium

06:00-23:30 (Sunday-Thursday)
06:00-23:30 (Friday and days before holidays)
06:00-all night long (Saturday)


Bilbao's metro, with its stylish fosteritos that rise out the street floor, named after their author, the British architect Sir Norman Foster, is the fastest way to get around the city - and beyond, all the way to the beaches.

Line 1 (Etxebarri-Plentzia) links the centre to the right-bank districts.

Line 2 (Basauri-Kabienzes) connects it to the left-bank district.

The network is divided into three zones and the ticket price depends on how many your journey will cross (all of Bilbao's centre is in Zone 1).

Line 2 (Ansio) leaves you 200 metres from the BEC's main entrance (north entrance).

If you prefer the bus, Line A3136 (Bilbao-Barakaldo-Santurtzi) will also drop you at Ansio (54 min. from Abando).

06:00-23:00 (every 6/10 min. at peak times/on Sunday and holidays)
06:00-02:00 (Fridays and days before holidays)
06:00-all night long (Saturdays)

05:30-00:30 (every 30 min.)05:30-00:30 (every 30 min. on Sundays and holidays)

Barik Card

If you're using the metro more than once, it might be worth to get an Anonymous Barik Card.

This travel pass only costs 3€. It can be used on the metro, buses including Bizkaibus and Bilbobus, and funiculars, as well as Park and Ride car parks (Leioa, Etxebarri, Ibarbengoa, and Ansio BEC).

The card can be purchased from card-vending machines in metro and Renfe stations, at the Abando station, and anywhere you see the Barik sign. And it can be topped up in almost every station.

Up to 10 people can travel with the same Anonymous Barik Card at the same time - provided they all start their journey together and there is enough balance on the card.

Barik Card: 3€

1 zone: 0.48€ (instead of 1.35€/single journey)
2 zones: 0.57€ (instead of 1.50€/single journey)
3 zones: 0.62€ (instead of 1.90€/single journey)

Bilbao Bizkaia Card

24, 48 or 72 hours in Bilbao?

The Bilbao Bizkaia Card gives you unlimited access to most of the the public transport network (metro, tram, Bizkaibus and Bilbobus, and funiculars) in and around the city.

You'd like to discover the old town, Casco Viejo, or to take in Bilbao's amazing architecture? Free walking guided tours are included.

The card can also be used to skip the queues to the city's two most popular attractions: the Guggemheim Museum Bilbao and the Bilbao Museoa.

Discounts are available from a range of partners: restaurants, cultural venues, and others.

Activated on your first entry on the network, the card is personal and non-transferable.

24-hour card -> 10€
48-hour card -> 15€
72-hour card -> 20€


Bilbao's city centre has a good network of flat cycling routes.

For cycling enthusiasts, exploring it on wheels in a sustainable way is a breeze.

Rental bikes are available from several companies, most of which also offer guided tours.

If you're staying a little longer, electric bikes are also available 24/7 from 43 Bilbaobizi bike-sharing stations spread across the city.

around 15€/day

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