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Industry Innovation Arena

The Industry Innovation Arena, our new feature designed for Intergraf Currency+Identity 2025, is a direct response to feedback from previous editions. It has been meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs and expectations of delegates.

This central stage offers exhibitors the right platform and the opportunity to showcase their latest products and solutions through engaging 10-minute pitches.

With just 10 minutes under the spotlight and no Q&A, products and services will dazzle in the arena, offering a dynamic snapshot of today’s industry innovations.

Do not hesitate, this is your chance to influence and highlight your cutting-edge offerings and then have detailed discussions with delegates at your booth.

Join leading security suppliers and digital solution providers in sharing firsthand insights and innovations with a diverse audience of high-level currency and identity professionals.

1. Themes

Leading-edge physical and digital security features

Enhanced production equipment and efficiencies

Environmental and sustainability innovations

2. Submission

Complete the form below to send your proposal before 15/10/2024.

3. Decision

All submissions undergo thorough review by Intergraf’s Committee of Experts. We will notify you of their decision via email on 29/10/2024. Selection criteria aim to promote diversity, relevance, and originality aligned with the innovation arena's objectives. 

4. Presentations
The Industry Innovation Arena will take place in Milan, Italy, on 5 March 2025.

10-minute presentations, no Q&A. Discussions are to be continued in the exhibition booths.

Ideally 10 slides: this allows you to effectively cover your key points. Aim for each slide to support a specific aspect of your story and keep them concise to maintain attention.

Remember, this stage is tailored for quick, snappy, TED Talk-like presentations.