New to Intergraf Currency+Identity?


Intergraf Currency+Identity is open exclusively to:

security printers
suppliers to security printers
central banks
government authorities
law enforcement
industry-specific digital solution providers


All participants have submitted detailed documentation on their company, as well as product samples, to enable Intergraf's Committee of Experts to assess their eligibility.

An equally strict screening procedure applies to new companies and individuals.

If you have never attended and would like to join our next event, please complete the form below to register your interest and we'll get in touch to request the necessary details.

All information provided is subject to verification by Intergraf.

Please kindly note, due to the delay involved in assessing eligibility, Intergraf will no longer be able to consider new companies for attendance in the last two weeks before the event. Central bank, law enforcement, and government representatives are free to register at any time.

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