Certified ISO 14298:2013 - Management of Security Printing Processes:

Governmental level

Certificate No. 201708310

Audited by SQS - Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems, Zollikofen, Switzerland

With the scope of Manufacturing of passports, visas, driver licenses, lottery and scratch-off games, betting tickets, education tests and booklets, transport tickets, brand protection products such as liquor and tax labels. Production and personalization of cheques, notary products, diplomas and security forms

Additional Info

  • Type of certification: ISO 14298 - Governmental level
  • Country: Paraguay
  • Current certificate valid until: 28/03/2022
  • Current certificate started on: 28/03/2019
  • Date of first certification: 28/03/2019
  • Contact info: Av. Artigas 2100
    1416, Asunción
  • Website: www.zamphiropolos.com
  • Code of Ethics Signatories: No
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