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INTERGRAF ISO 14298 & CWA 15374
Intergraf ISO 14298 CertificationISO 14298

Management of security printing processes

ISO 14298 specifies requirements for the management of security printing processes and is a transposition of the former CWA 14641.

A security management system can enhance your organisation’s resilience to risk and potential threats. Combined with risk assessment, this strengthens your business.

Intergraf CWA 15374 CertificationCWA 15374

Security management system for suppliers to the security printing industry

CWA 15374 specifies requirements for suppliers of products that include security features or for suppliers of services that ensure the physical security of printed matter manufactured by a security printing company, e.g. producers of inks, foils, security paper.

Achieve conformity - Experience value generation - Feel trust

Intergraf certificates create trust and demonstrate your competence.

Intergraf certification overviewAlign with the industry standard for quality and information security management (ISO 14298 aligns with ISO 2700)

Support your preferred supplier status and/or tender responses

Clearly set out how to address and manage the key security printing or supplier requirements

Demonstrate how information and printing/supplier systems are safeguarded

Help to prepare for the unexpected

Secure market differentiation

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Important notice for tendering authorities (June 2020)

Intergraf has recently become aware that ISO 14298 certificates not issued by Intergraf were in circulation during a tender process for ID documents.

In addition to the official ISO 14298 standard, Intergraf issues detailed and very strict certification requirements that companies have to implement to become certified.

These requirements are confidential and focus on different levels of security, i.e. fundamental level, governmental level, and central bank level. These levels are not part of the official (public) ISO 14298 standard.

We strongly recommend that tender issuing authorities examine with utmost care any certificates issued by certification organisations other than Intergraf – especially when they closely resemble Intergraf certificates.

Intergraf can only take responsibility for, and ensure the quality of, security printing processes in companies that have gone through the full process of Intergraf certification. Intergraf certified companies meet very demanding requirements.

We therefore kindly ask you to closely scrutinise and question any other certificate and, where stringent requirements are not met, to exclude companies with questionable certificates from your tenders.

Intergraf’s Certification Team is happy to further explain our certification requirements and available for any questions you may have.

Last modified on Thursday, 23 June 2022 08:40
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