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Who can apply

In today’s globalised world, public policies can no longer be developed and implemented in isolation. International Standards offer a means of communication and cooperation across borders, making them an increasingly useful tool in the policy maker’s kit.

Well-known associations such as the UPU (Universal Postal Union), a United Nations organisation, and the IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) acknowledge and recommend Intergraf certifications.

Intergraf offers certification to:

Security printers: ISO 14298 (the transposition of CWA 14641, coexistent until 31 December 2016)

(Direct) Suppliers to security printers: CWA 15374

Why get certified

Intergraf certification benefits

Counterfeiting is a serious and critical issue for security printers, end users and authorities. Intergraf’s mission is to protect this highly secure industry by means of certification and thereby contribute to the fight against fraud.

Intergraf has developed standards for security printers and their suppliers for over 15 years and initiated the development of the CWA 14641, CWA 15374 and, most recently, ISO 14298 standards in cooperation with representatives from standardisation bodies and industry experts from 25 countries on 5 different continents.

There is a growing trend for companies to consider compliance to standards such as ISO 14298 and CWA 15374 as a requirement for doing business. Intergraf certifications therefore provide core requirements for interacting and conducting business in today’s security printing market.

Get certified to:

clearly set out how to address and manage key security requirements

support your tender responses

prepare for the unexpected

How to get certified

All applicants will be screened before they can receive Intergraf’s confidential certification requirements.

Intergraf reserves the right to refuse application if the required criteria are not met.

Find out more

Are you a tendering authority?

Intergraf has recently become aware that ISO 14298 certificates not issued by Intergraf were in circulation during a tender process for ID documents.

Intergraf's official statement (June 2020)

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Want to apply for or learn more about Intergraf certification? Please contact certification@intergraf.eu or call +32 2 230 86 46
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