We are very much looking forward to welcoming you live again in Lyon, but it goes without saying that nothing's more important than keeping you, members of our team and the local community healthy.

Comprehensive health and safety protocols are therefore being put into place at the Centre de Congrès de Lyon to ensure the safety of all, in compliance with, and in addition to, measures already deployed by French and local authorities.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping us all safe. To create the right environment, we therefore ask that you strictly observe the measures outlined below and remain considerate of those who may be more vulnerable.

Additional details will be posted regularly and protocols adapted to respond to any changes.

Last updated 01/04/2022

Before you travel
Entering France

Different rules apply, depending on where you are travelling from and your vaccination status.

Conditions are currently defined by the classification of countries on green, orange, red and scarlet lists.

Each category has its own rules, including quarantine and testing requirements.

These official rules evolve rapidly. They are updated often to respond to changing conditions.

We therefore strongly advise that you refer to France Diplomacy to keep up to date with the rules that apply to you.

Tous AntiCovid

France has its own state-led mobile app to help fight COVID-19.

TousAntiCovid is available in English.

Easy to use, it is designed to let you enjoy socialising safely.

It also allows you to store locally your vaccination pass showing full vaccination or certificate of recovery from COVID (from 11 days to 6 months prior.)

The French Government asks that you download and activate TousAntiCovid during your stay in France.

Airline & Train

Your airline or train company may have its own requirements and guidelines.

Always check with them before you start your journey to make sure you understand these correctly.

Returning home

Do not forget to look into the quarantine and testing rules that must be observed when traveling back from France to your own country.

These differ from country to country. They could impact your travel plans.

Arriving onsite
Entering the building

As of 14 March 2022, a vaccination pass is no longer required to enter the building.

France relaxed its rules surrounding COVID-19. It is now possible to enter restaurants, bars, cafés, museums, cinemas and other cultural venues without a vaccination pass.

Entering France remains subject to specific rules that depend on where you are travelling from and your vaccination status (see above).

In line with government rules, you will be required to show a paper or digital version of a vaccination pass to access the Centre de Congrès de Lyon.

The QR code will be scanned at the entrance of the building to check the validity.

A form of identification will be needed.

What is a vaccination pass?

a vaccine certificate showing full vaccination
a certificate of recovery from COVID (from 11 days to 6 months prior)
a certificate of medical reasons for not being vaccinated

Is your vaccine certificate valid?

Authorised vaccines

If not, you can get a temporary QR code that is valid as a COVID certificate in France

How can I apply?

Registration desk

Access to the sessions, exhibition and networking events can only be granted to badge-holders, as always.

Your badge will be available from the registration desk once inside the building.

To maintain Intergraf’s security standards, we do need to see a form of identification before we hand this badge over to you.

Please show your passport or ID card through the desk’s plexiglass screen so as to minimise personal contact.

An alcohol-based hand sanitiser station will be located next to the desk.


To comply with reinforced national security measures within the context of France's Vigipirate plan, your bag will be inspected at the entrance of the building.

The cloakroom will be accessible only by members of our team and hostesses.

An alcohol-based hand sanitiser station will be located right next to it.

Inside the building

To help us deliver a safe Intergraf Currency+Identity, we expect all participants and staff to behave in a responsible manner, for the benefit of all those participating. Our security staff will ensure that everybody respects the rules.

Hand washing

We recommend that you use the alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispenser as you enter the building and that you still observe the protective measures below.

Once inside, wash your hands regularly with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds.

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser stations will be distributed across the building where soap and water are not available.

Make frequent use of them and avoid touching commons surfaces.

Face masks

It is no longer compulsory to wear a face mask in all indoor public space throughout France.

We still recommend that you wear a mask when moving around the venue, except when eating, drinking or seated in a hospitality setting.

Ensure that you have a sufficient supply for the entire duration of the event.

Social distancing

We have adjusted the layout of our conference and exhibition rooms to respect social distancing guidelines.

Keep a safe distance between you and other participants or members of our team, as best as you can.


After nearly two years, we are all delighted to finally be able to meet face-to-face.

But please consider other forms of salutation than the usual handshake when greeting other participants and members of our team.

Check the colour of their lanyard in order to avoid unnecessary physical contact.


Different lanyards will be available from the registration desk.

Ask for the colour you feel best expresses how comfortable you are with close proximity.

no-touch greeting

elbow bump preferred

happy to shake hands


Regular cleaning of all surfaces will be undertaken throughout the day.

Sick or symptoms?
Act responsibly

Isolate in your accommodation immediately.

Check the official advice on your TousAntiCovid mobile app.

Follow the French government’s COVID-19 isolation rules.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Info (24/7)
0800 130 000

Get tested

Undertake a COVID-19 PCR test as soon as possible.

Closest pharmacy
Pharmacie Saint Clair
77 Grande Rue de St Clair
69300 Caluire-et-Cuire
+33 4 78 08 21 95

Please note
Foreign visitors must pay a fee for PCR tests in France

Inform Intergraf

Any participant who receives a positive COVID-19 PCR while at our event must inform Intergraf by email without delay.

Last modified on Friday, 01 April 2022 09:45