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In a nutshell
Who is Intergraf

Intergraf is a not-for-profit association for the European printing industry.

We represent 20+ national printing federations from 20+ countries. And, in turn, our members represent a large portion of the printing industry in Europe.

We make their voice heard in Brussels and work with the European institutions to:

Promote and protect the interests of the printing sector

Support its competitiveness through:

social dialogue

What we do

As part of this mission, Intergraf provides targeted services to the global security printing community.

In doing so, it helps solution providers and institutional end users to respond to the challenges they face in an increasingly competitive environment.

Intergraf's security printing activities are supported by a Committee of Experts.

We published an industry-specific quarterly, Infosecura, from 1977 to 2022

We define standards for the industry by offering ISO 14298 & CWA 15374 certification to:

security printers