The Tender Tactics session is exclusively open to:

central banks
law enforcement
procurement/tendering authorities
other end-users who are involved in the issuance, production and procurement of security-sensitive printed items like banknotes, identification documents, and similar products.


Wednesday 18/10/2023

Registration deadline: 04/10/2023


Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC)
Room 1B – 5th floor
Ronda de Azkue 1
48902 Baracaldo, Vizcaya


The Tender Tactics registration is free of charge if you are already registered to Intergraf Currency+Identity.

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Tender Tactics

Simplify your procurement process with Intergraf Certification

Reap the advantages of internationally acknowledged standards meticulously designed to cater to unique identity and currency needs!

Learn about the benefits of INTERGRAF ISO 14298 and INTERGRAF 15374 for securing the supply chain from the production of machinery, software and the security supplies to the printing and manufacture of securely printed products.

We will outline the two standards, their scope and practical implementation, key considerations in tender processes, and their contribution to enhancing the security of supply chains.

Counterfeiting is a serious problem for security printers, end users and authorities. Working with experts from industry and standards organisations, Intergraf's initiatives in setting standards for security printers and their suppliers significantly aid in the ongoing fight against fraud.

Moderators: Marc Been & Doris Schulz-Pätzold

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