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Agenda @ a Glance

Plenary __ Currency and identity: preparing for the future

Session 1 __ Sustainability in currency: contribution to a greener world

Session 3 __ Smart solutions in currency production

Session 5 __ Digital payment ecosystems – evolution or revolution?

Session 7 __ Access to cash: challenges and new approaches

Session 9 __ Motivation for innovation: what’s new in banknotes?

Session 2 __ Opportunities and challenges associated with Entry/Exit Systems

Session 4 __ Old dog – New tricks: new security features and new forms of identification

Session 6 __ Coexistence of physical and digital identity

Session 8 __ Digital Travel Credentials – the next era of identification?

Session 10 __ The latest in counterfeiting technologies

Panel __ Currency and identity post-COVID

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Tuesday 05/04/2022

Intergraf Currency High

Closed session. Attendance is by invitation only and restricted to printers using intaglio, currency issuing authorities, government authorities and law enforcement.

Intergraf Identity High

Closed session. Attendance by invitation only and restricted to printers of passports in circulation, identity document issuing authorities, government agencies and law enforcement.

Wednesday 06/04/2022

Plenary __ Currency and identity: preparing for the future

The world is evolving and so is our industry. Our products are used in every single country across the globe. They are the foundation of our ecosystem. COVID-19 has had a profound impact on them. Will they be sustained? Counterfeiting and fraud are still very real problems, but we do have effective ways to respond, to make sure criminals never have the upper hand. With increased digitalisation and the advent of new payment technologies, where are we heading?

Thursday 07/04/2022 - Morning

Session 1 __ Post-COVID-19 commerce: will it really be cashless or just less cash?

Digital payments have been part of our landscape for many years, but their use was taken to new levels during the pandemic. Cash transactions have been severely affected, although the total amount of cash in circulation increased dramatically. How can central banks and the industry adapt to changing consumer behaviour and preferences, and how can they keep playing a key role in this new environment, with ever more 'issuers' around?

Session 2 __ How did the pandemic change the identity and travel continuum

As the pandemic causes a nearly 80% fall in international travel, governments, industry and travellers need to adapt - not only to a temporarily reduced demand in ID documents and travel, but also to strict social distancing measures affecting enrolment, production and delivery processes of ID documents and the way we travel. How were these challenges overcome, what is the role of vaccination certificates and which adaptations will endure beyond the pandemic?


Session 3 __ Banknotes - keeping them a secure, desirable and sustainable product

The need to continuously modernise and increase the efficiency of the processes used in currency production and circulation is critical to the success of the industry. The improvement of forecasting, quality, cost and throughput increasingly relies on digital solutions. What new skill sets are needed in manufacturing and cash handling? How can data analytics and big data be used? And how do they impact on demand and production?

Session 4 __ Old dog – New tricks: new security features and new forms of identification

Physical ID documents are the foundation of our identity ecosystem. Staying ahead of counterfeiting is driving industry to develop new, even more secure, overt and covert features for traditional documents as well as alternative forms of identity tokens. Such documents and tokens can be used in situations beyond border control.

Thursday 07/04/2022 - Afternoon

Session 5 __ The evolution and revolution of Central Bank Digital Currency

What are the risks and opportunities associated with digital payments vs cash? This session will explore technical solutions for digital currency, the future role of central banks as issuing authorities, privacy issues, the regulation of transactions by central banks, as well as experiences from around the world.

Session 6 __ Coexistence of physical and digital identity

As the development of digital identity systems evolve, the role of physical documents have become increasingly important. It is clear that physical and digital identities must co-exist to serve multiple use cases. This panel will explore such use cases.


Session 7 __ Access to cash: challenges and new approaches

Cash is a universally used form of payment. How can we ensure it remains accessible for transactions that can be conducted electronically as well? This session will present case studies from central banks, cash-in-transit companies, technology providers, ATM pooling, and points of sale.

Session 8 __ Digital Travel Credentials – the next era of identification?

Enabling a seamless travel continuum, facilitating travel movements, and streamlining border control are at the core of digital travel initiatives. A digital travel credential (DTC) can be created to include accurate traveller identity data and issued in parallel to, or in place of, a physical ePassport. This session will consider the benefits of and issues associated with DTCs.

Friday 08/04/2022

Session 9 __ Currency management today and tomorrow

To ensure that citizens have the choice of means of payments, central banks keep introducing new banknote series with improved security architecture. This session will feature new banknotes and review the unique challenges and necessity of issuing new series today - pros and cons, as well as latest security features and design techniques.

Session 10 __ The latest in counterfeiting technologies and the need for second-factor authentication

From desktop scanners to quantum computing, modern identity documents seem to be even more at risk. What are the latest threats and are there any effective countermeasures being developed?


Panel __ Currency and identity post-COVID

The entire world has been deeply affected by COVID-19. And so has our industry, be it by the reduction in the daily use of cash or by the restrictions on the movement of people. This panel will explore the lessons learned from the outbreak, and how these may contribute to reshaping the future of our currency and identity documents.

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