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Identity High Meeting __ Tuesday 22/10/2019

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Copenhagen on behalf of Intergraf's Committee of Experts.

The Identity High Meeting is a unique experience where printers of passports in circulation, identity document issuing authorities and law enforcement can learn from forward-thinking identity experts at the top of their field.

This year, there will be much to discover again as they deliver over eight hours of best practices and cutting-edge solutions, and as they share experiences from which you can all benefit. It is the occasion to take part in high-profile conversations. First-hand insights practical resources and a fresh perspective are just some of the things you will walk away with, not to mention connections that you will value.

We hope this all helps propel your own ideas and projects forward, and thank you for your support and participation.

Dieter Sauter

Bundesdruckerei _ Germany
Chairman, Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Claudia Schwendimann

Österreichische Staatsdruckerei (OeSD) _ Austria
Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Georg Hasse

secunet Security Networks _ Germany
Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Tony Dean

Intergraf _ United Kingdom
Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Practical info


Tuesday 22/10/2019


Bella Center Copenhagen
Center Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen

Getting there


Registration desk
Ground floor
Auditorium foyer

Floor plan

Speaker room

Meeting room 69-70
AC Bella Sky Hotel
Ground floor

Check the Speaker corner
Speakers are encouraged to visit the Speaker room ahead of their session


Close to the registration desk
Free of charge
Ground floor

Welcome cocktail

Bella Center Copenhagen
Ground floor

All delegates and registered partners are welcome to join. Please wear your badge to enter

Identity High Meeting

Joint Session __
Banknotes/Identity High Meeting

09:00- 09:10Welcome speech

Dieter Sauter
Intergraf’s Committee of Experts __ Germany

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

09:10-09:30Prevention of the trade of counterfeit money on the darknet

Darknet investigations are a new challenge for law enforcement agencies in the field of currency counterfeiting.

Markus Angerer
Head of National Central Office
Criminal Intelligence Service __ Austria

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

09:30-09:50Non-destructive forensic inkjet analysis for counterfeiting

This presentation will give an overview of current non-destructive forensic inkjet analysis in the field of counterfeiting.

Rolf Fauser
Head of the Document Section, Document Examiner
Landeskriminalamt Baden-Württemberg __ Germany

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

09:50-10:05 Q&A

10:05-10:35 Coffee break

Identity High Meeting
ChairClaudia Schwendimann _ Österreichische Staatsdruckerei (OeSD) _ Austria

10:35-10:50 Welcome and presentation round

11:10-11:35In-depth look at counterfeit U.S. driver’s licences

The quality of counterfeit driver’s licences being intercepted in the United States is rapidly advancing. This presentation will focus on a detailed analysis of the counterfeit cards and latest techniques used to simulate security features. The effectiveness of specific security features and different implementation strategies will be discussed in light of these recent discoveries.

Troy Eberhardt
Research and Development Section Chief
Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory
__ United States of America

John James (Jim) Ross, Jr.
Questioned Documents Unit Chief
Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory
__ United States of America

Auditorium 12 __ First floor

11:55-12:10 Q&A

12:10-13:40 Lunch

ChairGeorg Hasse _ secunet Security Networks _ Germany

13:40-14:00From paper to ePassport - The evolution of identity document crime

This session will show how organised crime evolved and adapted to new technologies, and will look critically at some of the issues which have perhaps prevented ePassports from being the silver bullet that they were intended to be.

Brian Somers
Specialist Identity Document Examiner
National Document Fraud Unit, Immigration Enforcement __ United Kingdom

Auditorium 12 __ First floor

14:00-14:25Spanish vs. German interpretation of a common format for the EU Residence Permit

This speech will show the initial conflict that arose over the concept of a fully harmonised document, as opposed to various security concepts and production environments for high security card products already in place across Europe, and how it was overcome.

Carlos Gomez
Head of R&D and Innovation
Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda (FNMT-RCM), __ Spain

Anna Wandschneider
Document Expert
Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), KT54 - Questioned Document, ID-Systems __ Germany

Auditorium 12 __ First floor

14:25-14:45Making Malta's eID & ePassport even more secure

This presentation will delve into how Identity Malta Agency is responding to the global threat of document fraud and identity theft by introducing a new generation eID cards and ePassports. While conforming to international security standards, Malta is taking additional measures which will make the Maltese eID card and ePassport stand out.

Anton Sevasta
Chief Executive Officer
Identity Malta Agency __ Malta

Auditorium 12 __ First floor

14:45-15:05Improving efficient inspection of the EU laissez-passer at border control

A case-study of common issues faced by EU laissez-passer holders. After analysing the reasons, the presentation proposes simple actions and controls that improve an efficient inspection of the document and facilitate the passenger’s movements.

Maresa Meissl
Head of Unit HR.DS.3 Information Security
European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security __ Belgium

Auditorium 12 __ First floor

15:05-15:20 Q&A

15:20-15:50 Coffee break

ChairTony Dean _ Intergraf _ United Kingdom

16:10-16:35ePassports, jobs, infrastructure: Bangladesh’s route to the future

Innovative, locally produced ePassports, own production sites and state-of-the-art border control infrastructure: that sums up one of the largest electronic Passport projects worldwide. Learn how the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is building the next generation of ePassports system.

Fabiola Bellersheim
Vice-President, Head of Sales Asia Pacific
Veridos __ Germany

Auditorium 12 __ First floor

16:35-16:50 Q&A

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Markus Angerer
Fabiola Bellersheim
Tony Dean
Troy Eberhardt
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