Gietz AG
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Gietz AG, a family-owned Swiss company, founded in 1892 by Johann Friedrich Gietz, is a byword for reliability in the security industry. In 1986 Gietz supplied overseas the world’s first FSA NOTA machine with hologram positioning capability and from 1990 more than 40 FSA NOTA machines were exported exclusively in the field of banknote printing.

Gietz's latest innovation within the security range is the FSA 1060 Foil Commander NOTA, closing the gap to the super-size format by applying hologram patches and stripes on banknotes of any substrate, as well as official government documents. With the new machine series SECUR 20 and 50, added to the machine portfolio in 2016, developed and produced by Newmec s.l.r. in Italy, customer requirements for endless, registered hologram strips can also be satisfied.
Mooswiesstrasse 20
9200 Gossau SG

Contact: Michael Grau