Liveo Research Srl
Booth no. 65

Since 1953 Liveo Research S.r.l. is as a prominent PLASTIC Substrate specialist with tailor-made solutions for ID cards and government requirements, like:

Over 10 years durability
MLI/CLI capability
Counterfeiting proof(microtext,guilloche,UV invisible,holograms)
Retransfer and thermos transfer perso
Laser engraving perso
Fingerprint compatible
Over than 10 Mio secure cards produced with our substrate in 2019 and more than 20 new projects under definition.

The company ranks among World’s TOP PLAYERS with 50% market share in Europe.

It is GLOBALLY recognised and undoubted leader for product quality.
Via XXIV Maggio 1
21343 Castiglione Olona (Varese)

Contact: Marco Balatti