De La Rue
Booth no. 73

De La Rue operates on a worldwide scale, supplying governments and commercial organisations with products and services that relate to the integrity of trade, and the movement and authenticity of goods. It is organised into two customer facing divisions: Authentication and Currency.

The key activities of the Authentication division are the supply of a range of physical and digital solutions such as: tax stamps and supporting software solutions, authentication labels and associated brand protection digital solutions, and cheques and bank cards for customers based in certain African countries.

The key activities of the Currency division include printing currency across six Group sites worldwide, production of Safeguard® polymer substrate, and providing a portfolio of security features (including new security features such as Ignite and Kinetic StarChrome®). In addition, the Group has developed a suite of software which supports data analytics in the management of cash in circulation.
De La Rue House
Jays Close
RG22 4BS Basingstoke
United Kingdom

Contact: Philipa Peploe