Intergraf's Committee of Experts
Ruth Euling

Executive Director and Managing Director, Currency

De la Rue __ United Kingdom

Ruth is the Managing Director for De La Rue’s Currency division and has worked in all areas of the business during her 30-year career at De La Rue. She has spent over three decades working in the international government sector, living and working in Mexico, Colombia, Spain and the Far East.

Ruth has experience across multiple disciplines and functions including Sales, HR, Marketing, Manufacturing and General Management. She has extensive product knowledge and understanding of the market built over many years in the industry. Ruth is also a Board member of De La Rue Kenya and, in April 2021, was appointed to the main Board of De La Rue plc as an Executive Director.

She sits on the Advisory Board of the International Currency Association, helping lead the currency industry in creating a single, cohesive voice.

Ruth speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese, and has visited over 100 countries in the world. She is married with one daughter.