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Banknotes High Meeting __ Tuesday 22/10/2019

On behalf of Intergraf’s Committee of Experts, we are delighted to welcome you to Copenhagen.

For all of you here, banknote printers, banknote issuing authorities, government authorities and law enforcement, the Banknotes High Meeting is the occasion to take stock of major technological breakthroughs, to understand the changes of tomorrow and to ask a simple question: where to next?

With so many experts under one roof, ready to share innovative ideas as well as lessons about best practices, it is a great platform to find answers and address the global challenges that lie ahead for the banknote industry.

We are confident that you will find this full day of discussion and networking stimulating and rewarding. Thank you for attending!

Dieter Sauter

Bundesdruckerei _ Germany
Chairman, Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Bernd Kümmerle

G+D Currency Technology _ Germany
Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Emmanuel Devaux

Banque de France _ France
Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Tony Poole

Document Security Alliance _ United States of America
Intergraf's Committee of Experts

Practical info


Tuesday 22/10/2019


Bella Center Copenhagen
Center Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen

Getting there


Registration desk
Ground floor
Auditorium foyer

Floor plan

Speaker room

Meeting room 69-70
AC Bella Sky Hotel
Ground floor

Check the Speaker corner
Speakers are encouraged to visit the Speaker room ahead of their session


Close to the registration desk
Free of charge
Ground floor

Welcome cocktail

Bella Center Copenhagen
Ground floor

All delegates and registered partners are welcome to join. Please wear your badge to enter

Banknotes High Meeting

Joint Session __
Banknotes/Identity High Meeting

09:00- 09:10Welcome speech

Dieter Sauter
Intergraf’s Committee of Experts __ Germany

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

09:10-09:30Prevention of the trade of counterfeit money on the darknet

Darknet investigations are a new challenge for law enforcement agencies in the field of currency counterfeiting.

Markus Angerer
Head of National Central Office
Criminal Intelligence Service __ Austria

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

09:30-09:50Non-destructive forensic inkjet analysis for counterfeiting

This presentation will give an overview of current non-destructive forensic inkjet analysis in the field of counterfeiting.

Rolf Fauser
Head of the Document Section, Document Examiner
Landeskriminalamt Baden-Württemberg __ Germany

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

09:50-10:05 Q&A

10:05-10:35 Coffee break

Banknotes High Meeting
ChairBernd Kümmerle _ Managing Director, Head of Banknote Solutions, G+D Currency Technology _ Germany

10:35-10:50 Welcome and presentation round

10:50-11:10Overview of the CBCDG program

The CBCDG plays a growing role in fighting counterfeiting and therefore strengthening a major means of payment for our economies; it offers a global standard for a security feature against digital counterfeiting.

Pierre Laprise
Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG) __ Canada

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

11:10-11:30A new series of Hong Kong banknotes with 15 designs

In 2018, a new series of Hong Kong Banknotes was launched: the 2018 Series, issued by three commercial note-issuing banks (NIBs), namely, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited.

Samson Yuen
Head of Currency and Settlement Division
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
__ Hong Kong

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

11:30-11:50Banco de México’s new printworks - planning vs reality

Building a new printworks facility is a big project. It involves a lot of decision-making and comes with its fair share of challenges. This presentation will highlight a few, explain how they were tackled and solutions found, and reflect on lessons learned that could be applied to your own projects.

Benjamín Osuna
Printing Plant Manager
Banco de México __ Mexico

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

11:50-12:10 Q&A

12:10-13:40 Lunch

ChairEmmanuel Devaux __ Commercial Director, Directorate General Banknote Manufacturing, Banque de France _ France

13:40-14:00Beyond the traditional approach: strategy and concept behind the CRISP Evolution series

As we advance through the CRISP Evolution line-up, with hybrid, cotton and Durasafe substrates in the mix, evidence of improved lifespans is apparent across denominations, concentrated around the more durable bases. Initial laboratory tests focused on the Durasafe®-Rapid® integration yielded promising results, with circulation trials expected to support those outcomes.

Derek Rolle
Deputy Governor
Central Bank of The Bahamas __ The Bahamas

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

14:00-14:20What hits my face – challenges for the Zambian kwacha cash cycle

Overreliance on cash as a means of payment has negatively affected the efficiency of the Zambian Kwacha cash cycle. How so? And what measures has the Bank of Zambia taken to address this challenge.

Raphael Phiri
Assistant Director, Currency Management
Bank of Zambia __ Zambia

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

14:20-14:40Lessons learned on the Europa series, for future series

The Eurosystem has now completed the issuance of the Europa series of banknotes. It has reviewed the processes involved in preparation for the development of future euro banknotes, taking into account the lessons learned and the evolution of the payment landscape.

Philippe Geoffroy
Head of Section New Banknotes
European Central Bank __ Germany

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

14:40-15:00From defence to offence - The Bank of Israel’s innovative approach to counterfeiting

The presentation outlines the Bank of Israel’s upgraded toolkit to cope with counterfeiting. More specifically, it will focus on the collaborative process which led to innovative steps taken by the Bank of Israel to effectively cope with counterfeiters.

Lior Lichtman
Head of Issuance Division, Currency Department
Bank of Israel __ Israel

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

15:00-15:15 Q&A

15:15-15:50 Coffee break

ChairTony Poole _ Document Security Alliance _ President, United States of America

15:50-16:10Imitating a secure banknote with commercial techniques

Central banks and security printers invest in very exclusive and specialised equipment in the hope that the technology gap with the commercial world will ensure protection against counterfeiting. Counterfeit resilience testing aims at assessing the validity of this assumption, with sometimes unexpected results.

Fabrice Capiez
Counterfeits Unit Manager
Banque de France __ France

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

16:30-16:45BIBE – recent criminal investigations in Colombia and Peru

This presentation sheds light on recent operations that Banco de España’s Monetary Offences Investigation Brigade (BIBE) has carried out in different South American countries, notably Colombia and Peru, in close collaboration with police forces.

Sandra Garrido
Banco de España’s Monetary Offences Investigation Brigade (BIBE) __ Spain

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

16:45-17:00The fight against counterfeiting in France

This paper will address the issue of counterfeiting in France, focusing in particular on the dismantling of local counterfeiting workshops and on international cooperation with Italy.

Eric Bertrand
Superintendent, Head of the French National Anti-Euro Counterfeiting Office
General Directorate of the Judiciary Police, Sub-Directorate for the Fight Against Organised Crime and Financial Delinquency __ France

Auditorium 10 __ First floor

17:00-17:15 Q&A

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Markus Angerer
Eric Bertrand
Fabrice Capiez
Emmanuel Devaux
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