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Conference Programme

Plenary __ Banknotes and identity documents in a changing world

Session 1 __ Banknote authentication in an untrained world

Session 3 __ Exploring the future of banknote technologies

Session 5 __ Challenges in a cash society

Session 7 __ Psychology of cash: a world without it?

Session 9 __ Cash in a digital world and the consequences of future disruptive technologies


Session 2 __ Advancements in authentication of identity documents

Session 4 __ Protecting the integrity of ID documents and their supply chain

Session 6 __ Photo morphing fraud: 1+1=1

Session 8 __ Identification documents beyond the traditional

Session 10 __ The future of identity


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Wednesday 21/03/2018

Plenary __ Banknotes and identity documents in a changing world

09:30-09:45Conference opening

Dieter Sauter
Chairman, Intergraf’s Committee of Experts __ Switzerland

Beatrice Klose
Secretary General, Intergraf __ Belgium

09:45-10:00Welcome speech

Pat Breen
Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation __ Ireland

10:00-10:45KEYNOTE - Cyber: the criminal frontier

As crime continues to expand and thrive on the Internet, Dr Mary Aiken will open our eyes to the psychology of this new criminal frontier, explore the motivation of cybercriminals, profile the types of criminals that attack digital payment transactions and identity records, and discuss how government and industry need to understand modus operandi in the domain of cyberspace to defend against evolving cybercriminal techniques.

Mary Aiken
Academic Advisor, Europol, European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) __ Ireland

10:45-11:00 Q&A

11:00 Exhibition opens

11:00-11:30 Coffee break & book signing with Mary Aiken

11:30-11:50The changing environment in which the Irish Passport Service is operating - including new customer expectations, Brexit and increasing volumes

How is the Irish Passport Service responding to all this?

Fiona Penollar
Head of Passport Reform, Irish Passport Service __ Ireland

11:50-12:05A secure supply chain with Intergraf certifications

Intergraf’s certifications ensure a secure supply chain. CWA 15374 and ISO 14298 are therefore steadily gaining more importance for customers. This presentation will give an overview of the current situation and of their distinct advantages for suppliers, printers and tender issuing authorities.

Doris Schulz-Pätzold
Customer Relations & Certification Manager, Intergraf __ Belgium

12:05-12:25Preventing counterfeiters from gaining access to security printing equipment - Role and responsibilities of the security printing community

This presentaton will open up the debate on the role and responsibility of the security printing industry and the possible need for legislation governing the sale of security printing equipment. Particular reference will be made to INTERPOL's S-Print project and the ISO 14928 security certification.

Malik Alibegovic
Forensic Analyst, INTERPOL __ France

Paul Tiefenbacher
Principal Security Expert, Directorate Banknotes, European Central Bank __ Germany

12:25-12:45European response to travel document fraud

Let us have a close look at the initiatives for stronger and smarter information systems for borders and security that the European Commission has taken in response to the everincreasing passenger flux, the wish for a quick border-control passage, and the current security situation.

Richard Rinkens
Head of Biometrics, European Commission, Directorate-General for Home Affairs __ Belgium

12:45-13:00 Q&A

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-14:50The journey to polymer

This presentation will discuss the highlights of the transition to polymer banknotes – from design, to distribution and destruction.

Victoria Cleland
Chief Cashier & Director of Notes, Bank of England __ United Kingdom

14:50-15:10Commemorative banknote of Nu. 100 denomination marking the first Birth Anniversary of HRH The Gyalsey

This talk will shed light on the 100 ngultrum commemorative banknotes issued in celebration of the First Birth Anniversary of his Royal Highness The Gyalsey, Jigme Namgyal Wangchuck.

Manuela Pfrunder
Graphic Designer, Gestaltung Manuela Pfrunder GmbH __ Switzerland

15:10-15:30Preventing artwork reverse engineering with design: colour, opacity and split fountains

What does it take for artwork to resist reverse engineering? And how can conventional design elements such as colour, ink opacity and split fountains be adapted to create artwork that is complicated for even highly skilled counterfeiters to reverse engineer?

Joel Zlotnick
Supervisory Physical Scientist, US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs __ United States of America

15:50-16:05 Q&A

18:30 Exhibition closes

Thursday 22/03/2018 - Morning

Session 1 __ Banknote authentication in an untrained world

09:30-09:50The Retail Factor

The Retail Factor is an exploration into how the competitive US retail market has transformed the counterfeit currency racket, including a case study of the successful mitigation of counterfeit exposure by alert retailers.

Matthew Fishler
Special Agent, US Secret Service, Criminal Investigative Division - Treasury Liaison __ United States of America

09:50-10:10Introduction of the new Swiss banknote series – success factors in communication

The presentation will offer insights into a successful communication and information campaign introducing a new banknote series that involved different stakeholders and combined new and old media to raise public awareness, and into what the Swiss National Bank has learnt from the process.

Beat Grossenbacher
Head of Cash, Swiss National Bank __ Switzerland

10:10-10:30The public information campaign for the new €50 banknote

Challenges and opportunities of communicating about the issuance of the new €50 banknote and its security features across 340 million European citizens, 19 countries and 16 languages.

Consuelo Capri
Senior Project Manager, European Central Bank __ Germany

10:30-10:45 Q&A

10:45-11:15 Coffee break

Session 2 __ Advancements in authentication of identity documents

09:30-09:50Best practice guidelines for optical machine authentication

From R&D project work on a national forensic laboratory level to ICAO international standardisation - bridging creativity and technology.

Ulrich Schneider
Senior Scientist, Bundeskriminalamt, Forensic Science Institute, KT 54 – Questioned Documents, ID-Systems __ Germany

09:50-10:10Combining visual and tactile features to detect fraud attempts on polycarbonate documents

The latest developments in polycarbonate lamination introduce optically variable effects across the full area of the document that may challenge the position of DOVIDs as the main optically variable element, combining visual and tactile effects to make fraud detection easier.

Teemu Pohjola
Product Management Director, Physical Document Security Product, Gemalto Oy __ Finland

10:10-10:30The Dutch ID Monitor – new concept evaluates the effectiveness of security features

Who uses security features and how? Discover a new approach to evaluating their effectiveness: the Dutch ID Monitor.

Renée Ong-de Jong
Research & Development Advisor Travel Documents, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations __ The Netherlands

10:30-10:45 Q&A

10:45-11:15 Coffee break

Session 3 __ Exploring the future of banknote technologies

11:15-11:35Analysis of banknote production and process control data using big data technology

The track & trace functionality of an Abaco production control system collects data characterised by big volume, variability, velocity and validity. Analytics technology can be used to extract useful hints from this data.

László Balikó
Project Manager, Hungarian Banknote Printing Company __ Hungary

Paolo Salgari
Head of Marketing and Sales, PARVIS __ Italy

11:35-11:55Bank of Russia’s new solutions for currency circulation

New banknotes of new denominations were issued by the Bank of Russia in late 2017. This presentation will throw light on their design and security features.

Georgy Kornilov
R&D Institute Director, Goznak __ Russian Federation

11:55-12:15From puzzle pieces to a complete quality and security picture

What does a complete quality chain look like and what benefits does it offer in terms of transparency, traceability and security from banknote substrate to circulation?

Reinhard Hofer
Global Program Manager, Managed Services, G+D Currency Technology __ Germany

12:15-12:30 Q&A

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Session 4 __ Protecting the integrity of ID documents and their supply chain

11:15-11:35Genesius + Amberhill – the UK’s largest police force and its strategy to combat identity fraud

The Metropolitan Police has developed a three-tiered strategy to tackle identity fraud. This presentation will take you through these tiers and also provide an interesting case study involving love, explosives and a cat!

Gary McManus
Identity Fraud Investigator, Metropolitan Police Service __ United Kingdom

11:35-11:55Enhancing identity management in times of economic depression

With the African continent facing unique challenges, there is a need to enhance the identity of citizens and persons who reside legally or otherwise under a nation’s airspace.

Tunji Durodola
Identity Management Consultant, National Identity Management Commission __ Nigeria

11:55-12:15The new Finnish passports, eID cards, and their issuance process

This presentation will explain the changes needed to implement a more customer-friendly and efficient passport and eID card process in Finland, with no compromise to security, including renewing travel documents without visiting authorities in person.

Mika Hansson
Senior Adviser, National Police Board __ Finland

12:15-12:30 Q&A

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Thursday 22/03/2018 - Afternoon

Session 5 __ Challenges in a cash society

14:00-14:25What does patent information tell you about the future of security printing?

How important is intellectual property in security printing? How can we ensure freedom to operate? And how valuable is patent information for strategic business discussions? The geographical distribution of all the industry’s players will be analysed, as well the disruptive impact of digital-based technologies.

Jochen Spuck
Head of Product Development, Patent Expert, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property __ Switzerland

14:25-14:50Challenges in the Indian cash society

The presentation will discuss the challenges of planning, designing, issuing and withdrawing currency, ensuring its integrity, availability and quality; of making policy decisions on the design of banknotes; and of forecasting demand.

Deepali Pant Joshi
Banknote Expert, ex-Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India __ India

14:50-15:15A chief cashier’s worst nightmare

Confidence in a currency is rooted in cash. What would happen if perfect counterfeits shattered that confidence, if banknotes suddenly started to crumble in our hands or everyone reverted to cashless payment methods?

Stefan Hardt
Director General Cash Management, Deutsche Bundesbank __ Germany

15:15-15:30 Q&A

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

Session 6 __ Photo morphing fraud: 1+1=1

14:00-14:25Towards face morphing detection

If an eMRTD passport is issued with a morphed facial image, two or more data subjects can then use it to pass a border control. This talk will present novel schemes used to detect such morphed facial images.

Christoph Busch
Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) __ Norway & Hochschule Darmstadt (HDA) __ Germany

14:25-14:50Identity fraud from face morphs

In three experiments, we assess the extent to which human operators and a smartphone algorithm accept face morphs as a genuine match to a target face.

David Robertson
Research and Teaching Fellow, University of Strathclyde Glasgow __ United Kingdom

14:50-15:15ANANAS: how to prevent morphed portraits in ID documents – a project status

Face morphing attacks are a threat to the electronic passport system. ANANAS analyses different morphing attack pipelines and quality assurance likely to be used by attackers, in order to develop detection countermeasures and prevent such attacks. The initial results of this ongoing research will be presented here.

Andreas Wolf
Principal Scientist Biometrics, Bundesdruckerei __ Germany

15:15-15:30 Q&A

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

Session 7 __ Psychology of cash: a world without it?

16:00-16:25Neurometrics applied to banknote design: a first validation study

Central banks have a duty to safeguard the integrity of their banknotes. What new methodology can be used to help us understand how people perceive banknotes, using new metrics, the latest techniques from neuroscience, and behavioral measurement?

Jaime Guixeres Provinciale
Scientific Coordinator of Consumer Behavior Research, Polytechnic University of Valencia __ Spain

Fernando León Martínez
Head of the Research, Development and Manufacturing Technology Division, Banco de España __ Spain

16:25-16:50The psychology of cash: a world without it

Banknotes as we know them will soon come to an end. Let us have a look at digital currencies, their fundamental principles and socio-economic consequences.

Linus Neumann
Senior IT Security Consultant, Chaos Computer Club __ Germany

16:50-17:00 Q&A

Session 8 __ Identification documents beyond the traditional

16:00-16:25About passports and birth certificates

Much has been said about fraud shifting from passports to breeder documents. But what has really been done about it? With birth certificates being typically national documents, change often depends on national or even local governments, with different ministries involved. This presentation will look at what Colombia is doing to improve the birth certificate and its functionality.

Francis Goossens
Corporate Technical Manager, Thomas Greg & Sons Limited __ Columbia

16:25-16:50Unique identification number in a credit referencing system

Data quality in a Credit Referencing System remains essential for effective credit reporting, giving lending institutions exclusive confidence in the credit environment.

Ocelia M. Scott
Assistant Director, Collateral Registry & Credit Reference/RSD
Central Bank of Liberia __ Liberia

16:50-17:00 Q&A

Friday 23/03/2018

Session 9 __ Cash in a digital world and the consequences of future disruptive technologies

09:30-10:00Technology and humanity: keeping cash competitive in an evolving digital world

Cash has proven its resilience and utility over the centuries. It has also shown how technological innovation has contributed to its competitiveness in the burgeoning jungle of digital payments. Cash is still the number one payment method worldwide and its attributes go beyond payment.

Jean-Yves Ray
Marketing Director, SICPA SA __ Switzerland

10:00-10:30Digital cash – digital fraud?

This presentation will explore digital cash in its different forms, its consequences for the security of payment systems, as well as loopholes criminals find and use.

Diederik Bruggink
Senior Adviser, Payments, WSBI-ESBG, World Savings and Retail Banking Institute-European Savings and Retail Banking Group (WSBI-ESBG) __ Belgium

10:30-10:40 Q&A

10:40-11:10 Coffee break

Session 10 __ The future of identity

09:30-09:50Beyond the X: civil identification of transgenders

The presentation will address some of the issues related to the civil identification of transgenders, such as gender identification and the use of social names, and its legal, social and security implications.

Narumi Pereira Lima
Forensic Expert, Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences (SBCF) __ Brazil

09:50-10:10The next generation ID solution for the smartphone: first experiences

This presentation will discuss first experiences with a new, disruptive authentication solution project. The smartphone app will offer a secure system for digital identities and an add-on for traditional ID documents. The next generation ID preserves privacy, removing the need to use any physical documents while remaining user-friendly.

Lukas Praml
CEO, Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) __ Austria

10:10-10:30Travel document designs for 2030

The future travel document will be compatible with all possible modes of border control and thus requires well integrated physical, electronic and digital components to enable efficient and secure verification using one and the same token for all destinations.

John Peters
Manager New Business Development / Sales Manager North America Government Documents, OVD Kinegram __ Switzerland

10:30-10:40 Q&A

10:40-11:10 Coffee break

Panel discussion

11:10-12:40 Future of cash

Digital money, e-currency, mobile payments or cash – what does the future payment ecosystem look like? Will just one of these dominate and will others become niche applications? Which considerations will be important to consumers, industry and regulatory bodies? Our panel of experts will look for answers to these questions and any others you might have.

Joy Macknight
Deputy Editor, The Banker - Financial Times __ United Kingdom

Michael Lambert
Director of Banknotes, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System __ United States of America

Linus Neumann
Senior IT Security Consultant, Chaos Computer Club __ Germany

Wolfram Seidemann
CEO, G+D Currency Technology __ Germany

Martin Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer, De La Rue __ United Kingdom

Leif Veggum
Director, Cashier’s Department, Central Bank of Norway __ Norway
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