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Start:   15/06/2013
End:   12/11/2013

Check-in for the Conference & Exhibition
    • Intergraf welcome desk:
      Tuesday 03/12/2013: 14.00-20.00 hrs
      Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 04-06/12/2013: 08.00 onwards

      Registered delegates are requested to check-in at the registration desk situated in the foyer of
      the conference centre. Subject to full payment of their registration fee, delegates will receive
      their access badge and the conference documents.

      Intergraf staff will be available at the desk during the whole event and will be happy to provide
      any information you might need.
Speakers’ room

Speakers are encouraged to come to the speaker rehearsal room (Schubert 6) to test out their presentations and receive training:

Tuesday03/12/2013     08.00 - 17.00
Wednesday     04/12/201308.00 - 17.00
Thursday 05/12/2013 08.00 - 17.00
Friday 06/12/2013 08.00 - 17.00
Security & Badges

To safeguard confidentiality throughout the event, the conference and exhibition areas will be
accessible exclusively to delegates wearing the appropriate badge, which will be checked
systematically upon entering the congress centre.

Delegates must wear their badge at all times during the Conference and the Exhibition and
also during the social events. Accompanying persons need to wear their badge during all
social events they attend.

Delegates’ and Partners’ badges will feature photographs. Upload your photo in jpg format
during the online registration or send it to securityprinters@intergraf.eu

240x300 pixels
Resolution 300 dpi
Maximum size of 50kb
You attended the last event –
no need to send new photographs
unless otherwise advised
Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings will be available in January 2014, in a restricted area of this website

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